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Expect to learn A LOT about Sex – how to have amazing sex, current #sexgeek facts, hot off-the-press research, sex enhancing tips, sex ed, and how to expand your own eroticism and intimacy.

Navigating Intimacy in Quarantine

According to an NBC news poll, 24% of couples say that the extra time at home has positively affected their sex life, and a whopping 47% said it has ...
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empowering our teens - relationships, sex, and boundaries

Empowering Our Teens – Relationships, Sex & Boundaries. _ Episode 20

Dr. Lea Lis, double board certified Adult and Child Psychiatrist and Author of the book, “No Shame – Real Talk with Your Kids About Sex, Self Confidence and Healthy ...
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what men want to ask a sex therapist Leslie Gustafson The Sex Smart podcast episode 19

Sexually Curious… What Men Want to Ask A Sex Therapist._ Episode 19

Men are curious and want to know many things about sexuality and how sex works for their partner. In this episode, Doug Gustafson, Men’s Coach asks Leslie the many ...
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what you want to know about sex, smart sex podcast, leslie gustafson

Sexplanation… What YOU Want To Know About Sex. _ Episode 18

Through many years educating and answering questions on TV and social media, Leslie has heard from 1000’s of people about what they most want to know about sex and ...
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smart sex podcast episode 17 behind the scenes of boudoir photography

Behind The Scenes of Boudoir Photography._ Epsiode17

Ross and Jessica Costanza* join Leslie for an inside look at Boudoir Photography. What actually happens when a woman chooses to shed her clothes and be photographed? What does ...
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Join Leslie and her guests as they talk about
intimacy struggles, misconceptions,
and how to be smarter in the bedroom!


Podcast Host

Leslie Gustafson

Licensed Sex Therapist , Marriage & Relationship Coach & Master Psychotherapist of 30 years.  I say that humbly and for credibility so you know you are in knowledgeable, experienced hands. I have had the privilege of being FOX TV’s Sex & Relationship Expert for 5 1/2 years as well as being a guest on Access Hollywood, and all the major networks and many radio channels. 

It was time to start my own show and dig in more deeply and expressively.

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Featured Guests

Leslie is joined by several courageous, smart girlfriends willing to talk openly about their own sexual education and sexual experiences. Through much laughter and deep moments, you will hear the truth of what many women live through to learn about sex and become sexual in our Western culture.

Lori Makkai

25 year Health & Fitness Expert. Securities and Finance Adm. Married 24 years with 2 kids. Wise Bible Study Teacher & Mom Mentor.

Laurel Avrin

Newly married, smart, intuitive Organizational & Behavioral Practitioner. US Air Force Veteran and Mother of 2.

Kristen Wheeler

Encourager & inspirer of women through speaking, writing, & her podcast, Confessions of a Super Mom Wannabe.
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