Sex Education from Birth to Launch and Beyond

If there’s an episode of The Smart Sex Podcast to listen to more than once, it’s this one.

Dr. Lea Lis takes us through the journey of sex education, from birth to adulthood in a way that will rock your world. She gives advice about age-appropriate conversations and behavior to model for our kids that will challenge us toward a healthy view of sex and sexuality.

Lea pushes the envelope and even goes against what we view as cultural norms. Buckle up, listen closely, and no matter what stage of parenting you’re in, take notes!

Dr. Lea Lis is the ‘Shameless Psychiatrist.’ She is a double board certified Adult and Child psychiatrist, and Assistant Clinical Professor at New York Medical College. She has a bustling practice in the Hamptons where she sees patients from all family arrangements.

Her book, “No Shame: Real Talk With Your Kids About Sex, Self-Confidence, and Healthy Relationships,” helps people pass down intergenerational wisdom, instead of trauma, by using modern psychotherapy techniques which she perfected throughout her many years of experience. She is an expert in the field of psychology, and hopes to change the way we speak about sex.

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