Sexplanation… What YOU Want To Know About Sex. _ Episode 18

Through many years educating and answering questions on TV and social media, Leslie has heard from 1000’s of people about what they most want to know about sex and relationships. So, in this episode the table is turned and Leslie is on the “hot seat”. Her Coach/Therapist husband Doug Gustafson takes on the role of interviewer and asks questions YOU want to know – none of which Leslie was aware of before the interview.

In this episode you will hear the real truth about these questions and more:

“Does size really matter?’
“Do clients take their clothes off in sex therapy?”
“What exactly is a sex therapist and what do you do?
“Who comes to sex therapy and why?”
“What is great sex anyway?”
“How are men and women different when it comes to sex? Or are they?”
“How does one become a sex therapist?”
“Are some people just not sexual at all?”

Doug also presents numerous real life couples examples for Leslie to “solve”. One couple where
she has a history of sexual trauma and he has a history of pornography use is discussed.

This is a lively discussion that will help the listener become Better, Smarter & Sexier!

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Leslie Gustafson is a Master Sex, Love and Relationship Coach, licensed Individual and couples therapist and AASECT Sex Therapist. She can be found on all social media platforms particularly Facebook and Instagram @LeslieGustafson1.

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