Behind The Scenes of Boudoir Photography._ Epsiode17

Ross and Jessica Costanza* join Leslie for an inside look at Boudoir Photography.

What actually happens when a woman chooses to shed her clothes and be photographed? What does she experience ?

What is it like for a husband and wife team to be in the business of photographing women? Why would they choose to do this kind on work? How does it effect their marriage?

You will likely be quite surprised by the truth of what really happens and can happen.

Enjoy this episode full of relationship insights, myth busting, insider stories and experiences that are funny, touching, real and inspiring.

Are you ready for your boudoir or “dudeoir” photo shoot?

Will Leslie join Ross and Jess for her own boudoir shoot?

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*Ross and Jess Costanza are a husband-and-wife photography team based out of Norfolk, Virginia. They met on a blind date in 2011 and married two years later. They now enjoy traveling, spending time with family, and using their creative backgrounds to bring beauty to the world!

Ross began his flagship company, Ross Costanza Photography, in 2006 focusing primarily on engagements and weddings. After Jess joined in 2014, they slowly started shifting their primary focus to boudoir and intimate portraiture, later developing their new brand, Luminous Boudoir.

The mission of Luminous is empowering women to take time for self-care and bolstering their confidence to new levels. When a woman feels amazing about herself, the ripple effect of self love and confidence extends to her family and ALL those around her. It’s an incredible transformation to witness!

Ross and Jess now run a thriving studio and spearhead an empowering online community designed to support and uplift women in their journey to self-love through the boudoir experience.

The couple also own and operate 7 Steps to SIX Figures, a business coaching program specifically geared towards teaching photographers how to create and sustain successful businesses so that the ripple effect is felt and the impact is multiplied. Ross and Jess believe that by coaching other photographers and helping them create their dream businesses that they are fulfilling a greater purpose by helping other clients have transformational experiences that they otherwise might not have had.

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