Navigating Intimacy in Quarantine

According to an NBC news poll, 24% of couples say that the extra time at home has positively affected their sex life, and a whopping 47% said it has negatively affected their sex life. According to eHarmony, 14% of couples have realized that their relationship is over, while 4% of people uncovered a virtual affair, and 3% have uncovered an affair in real life.
Where do you and your significant other stand when it comes to these statistics?

“The Girlfriends,” Jamie, Lori, Kristen and Laurel, talk with me about how the pandemic has positively and negatively affected intimacy with their spouses, their relationship roles, the mystery of romance and sexual attraction during COVID-19, and even how their Enneagram numbers have impacted how they respond during crisis. They all answer this question: Has the quarantine given you more time to focus on your relationship, or has it highlighted your issues?

Tune in to find out the answers from The Girlfriends!

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