Cultivating Your Sensuality & Erotic Energy_Episode 30

In this episode, our good friend Cindy Scharkey and I talk about cultivating our sensuality as women, but guys shouldn’t be in a hurry to skip this one: there’s some good stuff in there for you too!

We cover the definition of sexuality and erotic energy, how to put that into practice in one’s life and relationships, the history of what gets in our way, the need for emotional expression, mindfulness, and how to cultivate sexuality.

We want to empower women and give them the freedom and encouragement to have their voice and use it to communicate what they want and need around their personhood and sexuality, even if it sometimes feels laden with fear and shame. Take up the cause of yourself, ladies. Put the work of YOURSELF on the forefront. Let yourself have what you long for: in yourself, in your life, in your sexuality, and your relationships.

Cindy Scharkey, RN, BSN, is passionate about breaking the silence surrounding women’s sexuality. Through her workshops, speaking events, and private consultations, she equips women with both content and self-confidence to express, experience, and enjoy their sexuality. She also empowers parents with knowledge and confidence to be their child’s primary sexual health educator. Cindy offers sex education and resources through her free monthly newsletter and blog at

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