Amazing You!

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This is A Women’s Empowerment Community!

IT is FOR:
Women determined to live real, freed up, passionate, empowered, eventranscendent lives and thrive relationally.
SMART, AMBITIOUS Women who desire to rise up in all areas of their life- emotional, psychological, relational, sexual, physical and spiritual (not a religious group).

This group is FOR you IF:
You are tired of the “same ole same” or are just plain tired.
You struggle to live with a consistent, uplifted mood and may feel burnt out, flat-lined, or discouraged.
There are areas of your life you are not living out a confident, alive and empowered you.
Sex is just okay, non-existent, or not what you’d hoped for.
You want to be and feel sexy, confident and love sex for your own sake.
You know your life is not where you want it to be and long to live out a BIG, BEAUTIFUL, MAGNIFICENT Life.
Your relationship(s) is/are non- existent, troubled or not what you want it/them to be.
Fear and Shame loom too large in your life.
Deep down you know you are a badass, “Rockstar” of a woman waiting to RISE – A woman who could have great impact and influence in her life, relationships and even the world.
The idea of taking “Radical Responsibility” for your life excites and scares you too.

This group is NOT for you IF:
You are not determined or motivated to take up the cause of and do something about your life.
You are a chronic complainer attached to living a “victim” mindset ( hard as that may be to admit) and not willing to change.
You are in a blatantly abusive relationship – if so , please call 1-800-799-7233.

At times, I will be talking about my online women’s program. If that annoys or offends you, this is not the place for you.

What You Will GET Here;
-A safe, monitored supportive community of like hearted women.
-Inspirational, educational FB LIVE’s and posts intended to help grow.
-Feedback and meaningful personal Interaction with me – I’m bringing ALL of me in full color to help you RISE UP as best as I know how.
-A rich, opportunity to grow and empower yourself.

-Long time sex and psychotherapist who has helped 1000’s of women overcome, rise up and become the women they want to be. (LMFT, CST)Former Founder of a Women’s Empowerment Community offline.Sex & Relationship Television Expert.
-Co – Author of the book, Amazing Intimacy. CEO of the Amazing Intimacy Box & Host – The Smart Sex Podcast.

Founder of the Amazing You! Transformation Program, and “Get Your Dream Marriage” Transformation Program.

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