Anniversary Special: The BEST of the Podcast _ Episode 24

Happy, happy birthday, to The Smart Sex Podcast! Despite the complexities and sometimes the taboo of sex, and even in the midst of a pandemic, it has been a full, rich year of discussing intimacy and hot topics with you. I am so thrilled that you have been on this journey with me, and that you are so eager to learn more about sex, sexuality, and relationships.

We’ve had some extraordinary moments on the show, and I want to highlight some that you may have missed, or that just need to be repeated. We have taken a few moments from the most popular episodes and gathered them all together here, on this, the anniversary show. We’re going to cover everything from, “How long does it take for a woman to really get in the mood and have an orgasm?” to, “What is foreplay outside of the bedroom?” I even answer the question, “Does size really matter?” Spoiler alert: my answer has changed over the years!

So sit back (or buckle up!) and enjoy some of the best moments of The Smart Sex Podcast so far!

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