Sex Marriage and Laughter with the Ostofes Episode 32

I have a delightful couple on this episode, and we’re going to be talking about sex, marriage, and laughter.

Brittany and Ryan Ostofe cohost the podcast “The Laughing Couple,” which is #1 in Canada for Parenting and Relationships.

They love to discuss the rawness of parenthood and how to create a healthy relationship through laughter and effective communication, and they did not disappoint in this conversation!

By day, Brittany is the Curriculum Director for an Art company. She also runs her Instagram and Tiktok platforms with over 350,000 combined followers to empower her community of women through humor and relatability.

When he’s not being an incredible Father, Ryan runs his own sales marketing business named after their two children, The Riley Cooper Group.

Ryan and Brittany share with me how they manage two careers, working from home together, and how the pandemic created a breakthrough moment for their marriage in a very creative way.

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