Men & Sex – What Men REALLY Want._ Episode 14

In this episode, Leslie’s husband and coach/therapist of 40+ years Doug Gustafson joins her for a thorough look at male sexuality. In a date-like set up over a nice glass of red wine, Doug and Leslie have a very real and at times raw conversation about men, sex and what it’s all about.

From male sexual development, the importance of sex, addiction, out of control sexual behavior, men’s feelings and desires, pornography and much more – THIS is a must listen to podcast!

Doug has worked with 1000’s of men and knows their hearts and minds about sex, intimacy and what they REALLY want in sex, life and relationship. Insights, stories, wisdom about men, and at times contrary opinions gained from the real life work and experience of joining personally with men as their mentor, coach, therapist are shared.

This conversation is full of information and understanding that every man and the women who love them can grow from and become “Better, Smarter & Sexier.”

About Doug Gustafson – ” Well, I’m Doug Gustafson, currently known as Leslie’s husband. I have been married to my beautiful wife for almost 23 years and am blessed to have 2 sons and 4 grandchildren. I’m a personal development and leadership coach with over 40 years experience as a therapist and mentor to men and couples. I love coaching men – to help them advance to a new level they never thought possible.

Doug can be found on Instagram @Doug.Gustafson.9 or Facebook at Doug Gustafson or directly
at for men who are READY to transform their life today and want a BREAKTHROUGH!

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