Men & Sex – Lovers & Leaders _ Episode 15

In this Part 2 of Men & Sex with Doug Gustafson*, what healthy sexuality is for men and what is underneath men’s desires is the central focus of this episode 15.

“Most men want to be better men” but don’t necessarily know the path in the intimate, sexual, interpersonal and relational arenas.

Men are lovers and leaders but need to unearth the “huge needs that have been put away in exile”.

Identity, emotions, the heart of a man, the role of porn and becoming whole as a man and better lovers and leaders are all discussed.

Doug emphasizes the critical importance of men understanding their own complexity so they can living fully, powerfully and confidently in and out of the bedroom. Many men lean on sex as their
primary avenue for the management of their emotions, releasing stress and feeling alive and connected but must reconcile what sex is about for them, what it really can be and who they are as men.

Lastly the “GREAT WANT” for men (that both men and women hold) is highlighted.

Doug is a therapist, mentor and personal development and leadership coach who has helped men, women and couples for over 40 plus years. He is author of the book, Amazing Intimacy – Create A Spectacular Marriage In and Out of the Bedroom. He is also Co-Founder (with Leslie Gustafson) of the “Get Your Dream Life” & “Get Your Dream Marriage” rapid change online programs. Doug can be connected with at and on Facebook and Instagram @doug.gustafson.9.

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